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Thanks for stopping by! Countdown to Fifty is a sort of humorous blog about a woman staring 50 in the eye. Read my fails and triumphs and my sarcastic outlook on life as I struggle with marriage, adult children, sagging things (so many damn things…this is bullshit, by the way…women should get better bodies as our confidence grows throughout our lives, can I get an Amen?) and my ever evolving career oh and I own a small business. Spare time is not real.

After 25 years of marriage, raising 3 fairly normal people, surviving several years as a sex toy sales person and now living a fairly respectable life as an office manager and running a small photo booth company on the side, I have pretty much seen it all and have a story about it. I use humor as a defense, as a soother, as a shocker and any possible way I can. Life is short. Laugh through it and enjoy it. If you can’t laugh at yourself, don’t worry, I will laugh at you.

And just a polite warning, I have a potty mouth. If you are easily offended, this probably isn’t the place for you. Right below is the last few posts. I’d be delighted if you would please read and share with a friend. That’s how blogging works, K? Please and thank you. If you need to get in touch with me, there’s a contact form down at the bottom too!

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